Congratulations! You’re an Imperfect Parent!

Congratulations! You’re an Imperfect Parent! Caitlyn Valle, LMFT By definition, humans are imperfect. Each person has strength and weakness, darkness and light. So why then as parents is there an expectation that we be “perfect”? Looking a little closer, where is the expectation really coming from? More than likely, the most pressure to be a perfect parent comes from within … Read More

New Year, New Parenting

New Year, New Parenting 5 Parenting Resolutions for 2018 Caitlyn Andrews Valle, LMFT January is a popular time for resolutions, fresh starts and goal setting. Before you launch into any new personal commitments, it might be helpful to assess previous efforts. If you made resolutions last year for 2017, what were they? Were they difficult to keep? Do you feel … Read More

Am I Becoming My Mother?

How Your Own Childhood Can Influence Your Child’s Attachment Caitlyn Andrews, MA, LMFT   Like it or not, how we were loved, attended to and supported as children influences the way we parent our own children. But how? Attachment is the emotional bond between child and parent/caregiver and affects their emotional, social and cognitive development. More specifically, it’s a regulatory … Read More

10 Steps To Improving Your Relationship With Your Child

10 Steps To Improving Your Relationship With Your Child By Mary Ruth Cross Being a mother is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs a woman can have.  The very act of giving birth is a miracle of creation.   To be a successful parent you don’t have to have a big huge house, fancy cars or take expensive … Read More

Celebrate Mother’s Day –Challenges and Rewards

Celebrate Mother’s Day –Challenges and Rewards By Marta A. Gea Franca, LMFT May is the month we celebration mother’s day. Some people may say that mother’s day is every day due to the amount of responsibility it takes to be a mother and raise children. There are many expectations in society about the role of women regarding motherhood. Being a … Read More