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Here at Treehouse Family Counseling Services we provide a safe place to play and heal. We know life throws us a curve ball once in a while. This is why we have started to do experiential workshops to assist you in your healing. We believe any problem can be talked about, any situation can be improved and all feelings can be explored and better understood. Our hope is to bring back joy and happiness into your life. Treehouse Family Counseling Service is here to help you create joy, laughter, light and magic in your life again. Check out our latest events…


Introductory Homeopathic First Aid

Has this ever happened to you or your child…Sprained ankle? Bumps and bruises? Burned from a hot stove? Stung by a bee? Concussion or brain injury?

If so, then you know how incredibly painful and damaging these injuries can be. When administered quickly and correctly, Homeopathic remedies can take away pain, reverse tissue damage, and, in cases of anaphylactic shock, concussion, or infection save lives.

Come learn what Homeopathy is, how it works, and HOW TO USE homeopathic remedies in Emergency and First Aid situations to help common injuries or illnesses for yourself, your child and the whole family. 

Join us on Saturday, August 10th at 10:00am – 12:00pm
At 8 Crow Canyon Court, Suite #205, San Ramon

Parents turn to homeopathic therapies, because they want effective yet gentle medicine that is safe for their children and the whole family. Homeopathic   remedies are highly effective in the treatment of all childhood or adult  illnesses, including ear, nose and throat problems (ear infections, teething pain) respiratory conditions, allergies, anxiety, eczema, depression and so much more.

In this class you will learn…

  • The basic principles of homeopathy: what it is and how it works
  • Why Homeopathy is excellent for the treatment of first aid and common injuries
  • How to use the 10 most common and important homeopathic remedies for Emergency and First Aid situations
  • Discover Homeopathic philosophy and methodology plus remedy potency and dosing
  • Why Homeopathy is effective in the treatment of acute, viral and chronic ailments.
  • Basic tools to begin using Homeopathy right away and with confidence
  • How homeopathy is a safe, natural treatment with no side effects.

Homeopathy is a diverse and potent healing tool that every individual family should have available and know how to use.

We will have first aid and acute prescribing kits available for purchase at a special discounted, class-only price.

This training is for any parent who would like to be empowered to take an active role in their family’s health. Come find out how you and your family can benefit from Homeopathy.

Only $45 and bring your partner for free!

You don’t want to miss this live training. Register NOW!



The Nurtured Heart Approach Workshop

Treehouse Family Counseling Services is sponsoring Lyla Tyler…

 The Nurtured Heart Approach® Workshop

From 9am to 4:30pm
Investment $125
8 Crow Canyon Court Suite #205,

San Ramon, CA.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a relationship-focused methodology founded strategically in The 3 Stands™ for helping children (and adults) build their Inner Wealth® and use their intensity in successful ways. It has become a powerful way of awakening the inherent greatness in all children while facilitating parenting and classroom success.

This workshop gives you the powerful tools of the Nurtured Heart Approach in a succinct and convenient format. We have specifically designed this course for busy Professionals and Parents who want to learn the approach and who want to see immediate results.

The essence of the Approach is a set of core methodologies originally developed for working with the most difficult children.
• It has a proven impact on every child, including those who are challenged behaviorally, socially and academically.
• The Nurtured Heart Approach has been shown to create transformative changes in children with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attachment Disorder and other behavioral, emotional and anxiety related symptoms.
• Even children experiencing social cognitive challenges, like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome greatly benefit from the Approach, reducing the need for traditional mental health and medical interventions.

Traditional approaches often fall short of promoting the Inner Wealth essential for children to build successful relationships. This method has helped thousands of families, educators, and child advocates channel a child’s intensity in beautifully creative and constructive ways – helping children achieve new emotional portfolios of confidence and enduring levels of competency.

Date: registration closed

From 9am to 4:30pm
Investment $125

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Lyla Tyler is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and an Advanced Trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach®. Lyla specializes in treating children and families at her midtown Sacramento, California private practice. She was a Program Manager for two large Residential Treatment centers in Sacramento and facilitated groups for Sutter Medical Foundation through the Children’s Bereavement Art Group. She specializes in the treatment of children dealing with trauma, grief and loss, and critical illness in the family. For the past 30 years Lyla has worked in the children’s mental health field and has provided training throughout California. She can be reached at 916-448-1812 or


Group Supervision
Play Therapy Supervision Group

Bi-weekly meetings
Time: 11am to 1pm

More Information …Click Here

Are you looking for group supervision? We are here to support you in becoming a certified registered Play Therapist. You will receive clinical case consultations hours for your play therapy practice. We will examine the different developmental phases that clinicians go through and how best to build a competent play therapist. We will explore integrating sandtray and expressive arts as a form of self-exploration and increasing understanding of case material. This group supervision supports part of the requirement to become a Registered Play Therapist.