Child Therapist

A child therapist is trained in the field of childhood psychology to focus on children’s development and behavior. It is one of the most commonly studied types of psychology today. At Treehouse Family Counseling Services, our licensed and pre-licensed clinicians create an inviting space for your child to heal and grow.

Child therapists work with children and their primary caregivers to research, assess and treat developmental issues. A child therapist might work with ‘normal’ children or with children who exhibit behavioral, developmental, or emotional issues.

Signs that a child may benefit from seeing a psychologist or licensed child therapist include:

Child therapists use a range of psychology techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy. Play therapy has become a source of treatment for a multitude of child therapists and is the modality used most often at Treehouse Family Counseling Services, PC. It is often known that children grow bored more easily than adults and, as such, child therapists incorporate a variety of treatment options in their sessions.

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