5 Ways to Help Children with Sensory Challenges

We’ve all experienced sensory overload at some point or another. It’s just that we don’t stop to think about it or give it a name. We just say the TV is too loud or the restaurant is too crowd. We don’t realize there is too much information coming in through our senses. Also, it’s usually easy for us to escape … Read More

Lion or Lamb? It’s Time to Spring into Health

Have you ever heard that phrase “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?   This is reference to the blustery cold days of winter leading to the beauty and gentleness of spring.  At the beginning of the year, in the dead of winter, many people make New Year’s resolutions.  A common one is to “get healthy”, … Read More

March into a New Challenge

As we enter into the third month of 2019, how are you doing with your resolutions? Have you been able to maintain progress towards your goal aka resolution? Maybe it needs some alteration, maybe you have already achieved your goal. Now is a time to evaluate your progress and whether you still want to complete your resolution. In order to … Read More

3 Tips To becoming Healthier Without Trying Too Hard

I’m all for living a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve come to realize I can’t do it all at once, because I’m trying to change too much too soon and it never works. I found if I pick one thing to focus on and practice it for a month, then I can add something else and it builds on the good habits … Read More

Diversity – The Spice of Life

When I was a young teenager there was a song, I loved to listened to by Dionne Warwick called “What the World Needs Now Is Love.”  It is a sweet, sentimental song imploring all of us to embrace our differences, lay down our hatred and violence and live together in peace and harmony.  The message of love is a message … Read More

Diversity Within Our Own Families

February is the month of love and compassion. We set aside a special day for couples to show their love to each other, but what if you are single or newly divorced? You can still celebrate the day of love with your friends or children. To me the month of February means more than just one day of celebrating love … Read More

The Role of Play Therapy in Children’s Mental Health

February is typically linked to Valentine’s Day, love, and the Super Bowl. But there are many things that are celebrated in February. Two such events this month are Children’s Mental Health Week and Play Therapy Awareness Week. These are close to our hearts here at Treehouse Counseling as they are the pillars of our practice. Children’s mental health is important … Read More

Resolutions or Intentions?

It’s a new year and for many it is a time of having a new start.  As we look at the past year, we can see areas where we want to make a change.  For many those changes come in the form of making a New Year’s Resolution.  We have the best of intentions, but so often what we resolve … Read More

Welcome in an Active 2019

Welcome to 2019! With a new year comes a new opportunity for a fresh start, new goals and resolutions for yourself and for your family. What do you hope to accomplish this year? Do you hope to be in a different place emotionally, financially, physically? Given that our body and mind are closely connected I’m going to focus this year’s … Read More

New Year, New You?

Every New Year’s Eve, many people make a resolution to improve their life in some way. Lose weight, go to the gym, start a diet, save money, spend time with family, work less, travel more…The list goes on and on. But what happens to those resolutions? Unfortunately, most don’t make it to the end of January as the resolution gets … Read More