Celebrate Mother’s Day –Challenges and Rewards

Celebrate Mother’s Day –Challenges and Rewards By Marta A. Gea Franca, LMFT May is the month we celebration mother’s day. Some people may say that mother’s day is every day due to the amount of responsibility it takes to be a mother and raise children. There are many expectations in society about the role of women regarding motherhood. Being a … Read More

Declare Yourself “Good Enough!”

Declare Yourself “Good Enough!” Jennifer Hector, MA, LMFT It’s May and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The giving of cards, flowers and special outings for mom are the focus of the day in celebration of mom’s efforts. On this day I also see an opportunity for moms to annually affirm that “good enough” mothering is enough and to … Read More

Spring Parenting Tips

Spring Parenting Tips By Marta  Franca The month of April brings the beginning of spring. It’s time to say goodbye to cold and darker days and welcome sunny and warmer days. Spring is the season of hope, rebirth, renewal and reflection. As the season changes we become encouraged by the increase of light and warmth. We find energy to take … Read More

3 Tips to Care for Yourself

3 Tips to Care for Yourself By Minjun Wang The last few decades had witnessed tremendous changes in life styles in our human society. Advances in science and technologies, economy development, emigration, and social-political transformation all have done their fair shares of contribution on macro and micro levels worldwide. Good or bad? Today I think we can just leave this … Read More

Deepen into Play: The Need for Kids to Engage the More-Than-Human World

Deepen into Play: The Need for Kids to Engage the More-Than-Human World By Jennifer Hector As the weather changes from the cool of winter to the warmer days of spring, encourage and engage your kids in extended outdoor play in more-than-human surroundings. Abandon the asphalt, plastic climbing structures, rubber ground cover and flat surfaces. Head to higher ground or at … Read More

Cultivating Hope and Growth in Children during Negative Times

Cultivating Hope and Growth in Children during Negative Times By Marta A. Gea Franca March is the start of spring. The cold winter weather slowly gives way to warmer temperatures and longer days. The change in seasons brings change to our lives. Spring is the time for new beginnings and new growth. It’s an opportunity to reflect and make changes … Read More

[Video] Flooded Feelings

Sometimes when you are starting counseling it can feel like the flood gates of your feelings have opened up. It’s the therapist’s job to make a safe environment for the feelings to come forward at a pace that works for the client. Here at Treehouse Family Counseling Services we make it a safe place to play and heal. Just listen … Read More

[Video] Feelings Flow Freely

Don’t let your feelings get stuck inside you.  Play therapy helps you unstick the feelings that may be suppressed within you. I invite you to checkout this video and see how we can help with your feelings. Remember Treehouse Family Counseling Services is a safe place to play and heal. We are here to help.

3 Tips To Love Yourself

3 Tips To Love Yourself By Minjun Wang Many people struggle with appreciating themselves without conditions and terms. As a clinician, I had seen case after case how negative self-image had impacted emotional, mental and even relational well-being in clients, regardless reasons that first prompted them to seek services. Transformational changes usually happen when “deep cleansing” and “uprooting” are being … Read More

Loving True

Loving True In Thich Nhat Hanh’s succinct book, “How To Love,” he explores the elements of what makes love true and shifts it from concept into action. Hanh defines true love, as he sees it, through four qualities: lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.  These four elements flush out the roots of true love and bring them into the light of … Read More