Play Like A Child, Find Joy As An Adult

Amidst all of the negativity in the world today, it is even more important to find moments of joy. Imagine a child playing or running for the swings: pure joy! Filling your heart with happiness can help carry you through the darker and more trying times. So, the big question is: How do we, as adults, play? As an adult, … Read More

Self-Care Is A Privilege

There is a lot going on in the world today.  We are now two months into the shelter-in-place orders as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  With many of us reeling from the effects of being cooped up indoors, the tension and stress is palpable in our everyday lives.  Piled on top of all that stress, we are now watching … Read More

How to Keep Play Alive This Summer

Many children have seen drastic changes in their lives at this time, and it is no surprise that we are all struggling to figure out ways to have fun during these challenging times.  I cannot stress the importance that everyone needs to take a break from watching, reading, and listening to the news, including on social media outlets.  It is … Read More

Resilience and Challenging Times: Hope For The Future

Resilience is an important aspect of dealing with change. But what is resilience and how do we get it? Resilience is when one has the “ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions” ( Life is full of change and sometimes that change is difficult. One of the things that helps you get through those times is resilience. Depending … Read More

Lessons of Loss – What Have We Gained?

Boy has this been a wild ride since February!  Our whole world has come to a screeching halt due to what many have called “the hidden enemy”.  We have lost so much of our freedom and our lives.  Some people even feel like they have lost their sanity due to the undue stress and frustrations that are present.  Sometimes I … Read More

Losses Endured Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

It should come as no surprise that people have had many challenges and subsequent changes since the current COVID-19 pandemic was declared, and the current stay at home orders were imposed.  Our entire way of living has drastically changed, and many people have encountered difficulties in transitioning from an in-person world to having an online presence.  For some, these transitions … Read More

7 Things To Do When You Want To Let Go

Like most people, when you got married you believed it was going to last forever.  You knew s/he was “the one” and you’d live happily ever after.  But that didn’t happen.  Now you are getting a divorce and can’t quite seem to figure out how to move on.  Why is it so hard to let go?  Well, there’s a lot … Read More

Love is Always the Answer

As the trees begin to blossom, and flowers and grasses bloom, for many spring is a time of renewal and refreshment.  As we shrug off the cold, grey days of winter we long for the warmth of the sun and the promise of new things.   This year we have all faced an unprecedented experience of stress and anxiety, needing renewal … Read More

Tips On How To Help Teens Manage Anxiety And Stress

Recent research on teen anxiety has shown that teens are feeling more anxious than ever before.  Over the last decade, researchers have found that teens are dealing with anxiety at double the rate it was experienced just a decade ago.  The cause of anxiety in teens is not fully understood but heightened levels of anxiety can stem from smaller stressful … Read More

To Stress Or Not To Stress, Is That Even A Question?

Don’t stress! Easier said than done. With the current global crisis, everyone is impacted and is feeling some level of stress. Stress can be a good thing. It propels us to act in dangerous situations, to hyper focus on information for a test, and keeps our energy high when we’re buying a house or planning a wedding. The stress hormones … Read More