3 Helpful Tips To Navigate This Holiday Season For Families Living with Alzheimer’s

The holidays are a meaningful time of year for many people.  Families come together and reconnect to share moments of love and laughter.  It can also be a stressful time with a lot of expectations of perfection – from meals, the house, decorations, and presents.  For families with relatives living with Alzheimer’s, it can be even more stressful.  It’s important … Read More

Some Memories Hurt

Have you ever received a phone or text message from someone you are close to that says, “I thought you today.”?  Or perhaps, “thinking of you.”?  This can be such a boost in our day when we receive a message like this.  It can also be something we say to ourselves when we are grieving the loss of a loved … Read More

Memories and the Holidays

“Memories may be beautiful and yet What’s too painful to remember We simply choose to forget so it’s the laughter we will remember” Memories are a funny thing. The small moments may forever be embedded in your memory, but large portions of time slip away without being encoded and therefore disappearing from your life. Over time, the memories we keep … Read More

Family Memories

As October ends, it seems a bit overwhelming for me to think of the bulk of holidays that are about to occur and my to do list.  Usually when I think about this time of year, I tend to concentrate on fulfilling the needs of others, and often forget to fulfill my own first.  Once this occurs, I often get … Read More

October is all about Healthy Habits

October is already here, and just around the corner are the holidays.  When people think of the holidays they often think of stress, family, obligations, food and traffic congestion. In order to approach this season with some reduced stress, it might be helpful to remember some simple habits you should be practicing each day.  If you just start with one … Read More

A Change Will Do You Good

As the season is changing, it is a good time to review your habits and routines. Healthy habits are important for physical and mental health. If something is not serving you in a positive way, it is time to reevaluate. One of the healthiest habits a person can develop is eating nutritious meals. Food is the fuel for our bodies … Read More

3 Tips in Changing a Bad Habit

How can tell if a habit is bad for you?  Unhealthy or “bad habits” can disrupt your life, sometimes even without you knowing it is happening.  Bad habits can divert you from achieving your goals and can even threaten your mental or physical health.  Bad habits usually feel good in the moment but leave us feeling worse in the long … Read More

6 Key Strategies for Healthy Habits

Mary Ruth Cross, MS, MFT, NCC, RPT-S CEO/Owner Treehouse Family Counseling Services, PC Oh boy!  The holidays are coming fast; Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwansa, New Years’ Day – all reasons to celebrate with family and friends.  Many holidays have traditional foods and rituals.  These can be warm and comforting in the midst of busy and stress filled … Read More

Can You Ever Really Let It Go?

Michelle A. Culver, LMFTDisney’s animated feature “Frozen” presents an intriguing idea of letting go. Elsa is faced with how her powers have affected others, but she attempts to let it go, singing: “Let it go, let it go Can’t hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn away and slam the door” But can we let it … Read More

Three Simple Ways to Begin the Process of Letting Go

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I grew up in the Midwest where there are four distinct seasons, and fall is by far the most beautiful.  Minnesota has an abundance of trees and I recall reveling in the beauty of the fall colors.  I enjoyed watching the pigment on the leaves slowly fade from green to various shades of … Read More