5 Ways To Help Your Child Manage School Anxiety

It’s August, which means school is right around the corner.  Summer activities are winding down, and soon math tests and essays will replace camping and pool parties.  For many families, the start of a new school year means frantic mornings, busy schedules, and what might seem like, endless school projects.  This transition can be stressful for the whole family. Kids, teens … Read More

Back To School: What Kind Of Student Are You?

As the first day of school approaches, children start to prepare for the new school year. Who will be in my class? Did any of my friends move away? Will my teacher be nice or strict? These are common questions for children to have. But some children will have more serious questions: will I fall behind in school due to … Read More

Violence in School and In Our Communities

It is with a heavy heart that I write about the violence that has so recently devastated our nation. In one week, there has been three mass shootings: Gilroy, CA, El Paso TX, and Dayton, Ohio.  I can’t help but wonder who will be next?  These mass shootings were not at schools this time but there have been notable cases … Read More

Transitioning Back to School and the Importance of Sleep

Another summer is coming to an end and a new school year is beginning.  This change can often produce both positive and negative emotions in your children.  We all know that proper nutrition in addition to regular physical activity are essential components to health and over all wellness.  However, something that can often be overlooked is the importance that adequate … Read More

3 Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors this Summer

There is something magical to me about being outside on long summer nights, watching the stars come out under a canopy of tall trees, and waking up to the smell of coffee in the cool mornings. Summers to me have always meant camping, backpacking, and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Whether it’s a short-day hike to the regional … Read More

Yeah! Summertime is HERE! Time to Go Out and Play In Nature

School is out for the summer and the kids can’t wait to go play.  For many families activities have been planned for months, vacations scheduled, there are new opportunities to learn and grow through sports or team activities and time to relax and have fun away from the stress of homework and school.   It can also be a time of … Read More

The Great Outdoors: Benefits to Physical and Mental Health

When you step outside and feel the wind on your face, do you feel energized? Does the feel of the sun make you smile? One of the reasons this may occur is that our brain and body benefit from experiencing the different weather elements like sunshine or wind. It is recommended that you get vitamin D every day and the … Read More

8 Tips to Help Be a Super Dad

When my parents were first married my dad worked outside the home and my mother took care of everything at home.  Dad was a very hard worker and at one point had 3 jobs to ensure that his family was provided for.   Eventually my mother convinced Dad to let her go to work.  She had a teaching credential and she … Read More

Celebrating Stay-At-Home Dads

When I was growing up, my mother chose to stay home for a few years to raise my brother and me while my father worked full time. We were privileged in that this was an option for our family, financially. Many of my peers’ families had chosen similar arrangements – a stay-at-home mother and a father with full-time employment outside … Read More

Graduation: A Time of Developmental and Family Transitions

June is the month of school graduations. These are big events that can change the landscape of the family. Is the graduation from middle school (now you have a high schooler!)? Or from high school (now your child is an adult and a future college student!)? Or the big one–from college (now your child is truly independent!)? All of these … Read More