Stress Management and Self-Care During COVID-19

The current stressors in our world: COVID-19, social justice issues, fires destroying communities and the divisive political scene all contribute to higher levels of stress and anxiety.  During the pandemic there has been an increase in deaths by suicide, domestic violence and abuse against children.  The Washington Post reported that as early as April ER doctors were seeing an increase … Read More

Tips for Managing Stress, Anxiety and Worry Going into the Fall

If you have been feeling an increase in your levels of stress, anxiety and worry, you are not alone.  This is a rare time in history where many events are occurring at the same time that are overwhelmingly stressful.  All you have to do is step outside and you instantly realize something is different. We have had record setting heat … Read More

7 Tips to Manage Stress and Worry

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people.  In fact, 60% of U.S. adults feel stress and worry daily.  Stress is often thought of as bad for your health, however, not all stress is bad.  In fact, some stress is good.  You need some stress in your daily life because it motivates you to take care of the things … Read More

Don’t Stress About Stressing: Tips to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Most people agree that the last almost 6 months since COVID-19 appeared have been some of the most stressful months in their lives. Many are struggling with feeling bad for being stressed or anxious and doing a lot of “I should do…” or “I shouldn’t do…” But it’s okay to not be handling this pandemic well and to feel stressed … Read More

Positively Connecting

The COVID-19 pandemic has marched through disrupting daily life and interrupting how children and families connect with one another.  Many thought that the shelter- in – place order was going to be temporary.  We thought that by July “things would be back to normal”.  One of the biggest challenges to children and families is how to stay positively connected when … Read More

Supporting Healthy Transitions in Toddlers

If you’ve spent time with a toddler, then you know getting them to do something is often not easy.  Getting them to bed, asking them to clean up their toys or dropping them off at daycare can elicit tears and really big feelings.  Transitions are the process of changing from one state of being to another and they can be … Read More

Fostering Family Connections This Summer

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With social distancing becoming the new norm, many people are left wondering what they can do this summer to stay connected with their family.  This can be challenging for both children and adults and it is important to remember that it is still necessary to take breaks, relax and have fun in the sun.  Can you think of ways that … Read More

Five Ways to Remain Connected During the Pandemic

While it may seem strange, maintaining physical distance as the COVID-19 pandemic continues is the best way to show your love to those who live outside of your home. While it is advised to physically stay away from others, it is still important to maintain social connections to support your mental health and the mental health of others.  So, how … Read More

Summer Traditions: Time For A Change

Summer is a time of freedom and fun. However, this year summer will be a little different due to the current health crisis. But does that mean that fun is cancelled? No! You may need to get a little more creative than in the past because the freedom to go wherever and do whatever is not the same. Even within … Read More