The Gift of Renewal

The Gift of Renewal By: Mary Ruth Cross, MFT, NCC, RPT-S CEO/Owner Treehouse Family Counseling Services Starting over, letting go, releasing, these are all words that lead us down the path of renewal. Some may say that there is no need to release the old ways however it is important to release that which is not adding value to your … Read More

5 Rejuvenating Ideas for the New Year

5 Rejuvenating Ideas for the New Year Janet L. Plankenhorn, LMFT The New Year is a great time to start something new! Here are five inspiring and easy ideas that you can do to rejuvenate your life. Self Care – Taking care of your self is very important. When we are fulfilled, rested and calm we are able to give … Read More

New Year, New Parenting

New Year, New Parenting 5 Parenting Resolutions for 2018 Caitlyn Andrews Valle, LMFT January is a popular time for resolutions, fresh starts and goal setting. Before you launch into any new personal commitments, it might be helpful to assess previous efforts. If you made resolutions last year for 2017, what were they? Were they difficult to keep? Do you feel … Read More

5 Ways to Help Yourself Better Keep A New Year’s Resolution

5 Ways to Help Yourself Better Keep A New Year’s Resolution By: Dilini Dharmawardana, AMFT We’ve all been there: the start of the new year comes and we’ve decided to set out those new year’s resolutions. Most of the time we don’t end up keeping our new year’s resolutions and we end up feeling guilty that we didn’t do like … Read More

The Gift of Giving (or Not)

The Gift of Giving (or Not) Thoughtful choices and meaningful traditions Caitlyn Andrews Valle, LMFT A few years ago, eager to avoid the annual hubbub around buying “enough” and finding “the perfect gift,” my family began weighing the pros and cons of our holiday traditions. What we discovered was that although some of the gift giving was fun (the selecting … Read More

Rituals and How to Incorporate More Rituals During the Holidays

Rituals and How to Incorporate More Rituals During the Holidays By: Dilini Dharmawardana, MFTI During the holiday season, stress can overwhelm us and make enjoying the holidays difficult. However, having rituals in place that you partake in every year can help make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable. Here are some ways you can create more family unity, happiness, … Read More

9 Rituals or Traditions You Can Start Today!

Nine Family Rituals or Traditions You Can Start Today! Janet Plankenhorn, MS LMFT Family rituals or traditions can help families build memories and bonds that will forever be a part of their lives. These rituals can be passed down from generation to generation, or you can start a new tradition right now! 1. Have an at home movie theater night … Read More

Gratitude and Ways to Feel More Grateful

Gratitude and Ways to Feel More Grateful By: Dilini Dharmawardana, MFTI Sometimes gratitude comes easy and sometimes it takes a lot of work. Especially these days, finding gratitude and being able to be grateful is important. Finding ways to be more grateful can help us find happiness. Here are some tips to help  you find gratitude: Tip #1: Keep a … Read More

Impact of Gratitude

Impact of Gratitude Accepting loved ones for the good the bad Caitlyn Andrews, MA, LMFT The season of gathering, family and togetherness is rapidly approaching, but what if the idea of togetherness brings up feelings of anxiety instead of happiness? Perhaps it’s somewhere in-between. You’re not alone. Despite our desires for a picturesque holiday, the holidays can unearth previous family … Read More

Strengthening Attachment Through Play

play therapy san ramon

Strengthening Attachment Through Play By Jennifer Hector, LMFT Play is fundamental to children’s social emotional learning. It is a field where kids can rehearse, work through and digest life’s possibilities. When parents join their kids in play, there is an invitation to enter into the child’s world, see through their eyes and engage in their exploration. This interactive exploration naturally … Read More