[Video] Feelings Flow Freely

Don’t let your feelings get stuck inside you.  Play therapy helps you unstick the feelings that may be suppressed within you. I invite you to checkout this video and see how we can help with your feelings. Remember Treehouse Family Counseling Services is a safe place to play and heal. We are here to help.

3 Tips To Love Yourself

3 Tips To Love Yourself By Minjun Wang Many people struggle with appreciating themselves without conditions and terms. As a clinician, I had seen case after case how negative self-image had impacted emotional, mental and even relational well-being in clients, regardless reasons that first prompted them to seek services. Transformational changes usually happen when “deep cleansing” and “uprooting” are being … Read More

Loving True

Loving True In Thich Nhat Hanh’s succinct book, “How To Love,” he explores the elements of what makes love true and shifts it from concept into action. Hanh defines true love, as he sees it, through four qualities: lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.  These four elements flush out the roots of true love and bring them into the light of … Read More

Healthy Self Esteem in Children

Nurturing the Development of Healthy Self Esteem in Children By Marta A. Gea Franca For parents it’s hard to see children making negative comments about themselves and avoiding engaging in activities because they don’t believe in themselves. Many times children give up because they feel insecurity about engaging in an activity thinking they can’t do it. It’s difficult for parents … Read More

Significantly You Series

Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired, disconnected and overwhelmed from life? Have you ever wondered is this all there is?  Why am I not where I want to be? We can so easily become separated from our true selves and lose that powerful connection to our essence. Marianne Williamson has told us that it is our fear … Read More

Mud Pies and Magpies: The Therapeutic Value of Outdoor Play

By Jennifer Hector, LMFT   Imagine the crunch of leaves underfoot and the heavy scent of rain hanging in the air on a Fall day. Mud puddles sit glistening in the yard. A smooth cool breeze blows through trees as birds twirl in the open space mimicking the wind. Around a large oak tree, two children squat barefoot, giggling and … Read More

Families who Play Together Stay Together

By Marta Gea Franca, LMFT Nowadays, families are busier than ever. Parents try to juggle work, house chores, children’s school work, scheduled activities and other responsibilities. There is not much time left for playing and spending quality time as a family. The holidays are an opportunity for families to spend time together and engage in play activities that will promote … Read More

Sensory Processing and Transitioning Back to School

Sensory Processing and Transitioning Back to School: What to Expect and How Parents Can Help Jennifer W. Hector, MA, LMFT Transitioning from a summer of open-ended play, sleeping in mornings, loose structure, lengths of time with family, down time, unstructured video game time and no homework can be extremely challenging for kids. The freedom to move about as little or … Read More

Managing Stress as School Starts: Transitioning to Middle School

Marta A G Franca, MA, MFT Intern It’s back to school time. For many parents and children transitioning to middle school, this can be a stressful time. Many children have high expectations about middle school life. It’s a time when children will be faced with new social and academic experiences. They will be meeting new people, will have new school … Read More

Why Preschoolers Need Play!


Annelise Bilger, MFTI It seems that the importance of play is showing up everywhere from parenting magazines to books, this word seems to be the new ‘it’ word! So what is the big deal about play? We all remember doing it as kids and certainly have fun memories of it, but what about play makes it so important? Well, it … Read More