8 Tips to Help Be a Super Dad

When my parents were first married my dad worked outside the home and my mother took care of everything at home.  Dad was a very hard worker and at one point had 3 jobs to ensure that his family was provided for.   Eventually my mother convinced Dad to let her go to work.  She had a teaching credential and she … Read More

Celebrating Stay-At-Home Dads

When I was growing up, my mother chose to stay home for a few years to raise my brother and me while my father worked full time. We were privileged in that this was an option for our family, financially. Many of my peers’ families had chosen similar arrangements – a stay-at-home mother and a father with full-time employment outside … Read More

Graduation: A Time of Developmental and Family Transitions

June is the month of school graduations. These are big events that can change the landscape of the family. Is the graduation from middle school (now you have a high schooler!)? Or from high school (now your child is an adult and a future college student!)? Or the big one–from college (now your child is truly independent!)? All of these … Read More

Mothers in the Military

As Mother’s Day approaches, many people think of how they can honor their mothers and what they will do with them on the actual day. But what about the mothers who are serving in the military? These moms will miss many events and holidays, including Mother’s Day, but it does not mean that they need to miss it all. There … Read More

Tips for Grandmothers Raising Children

May is the month that we recognize and thank mothers. At Treehouse Family Services, we also celebrate the grandmothers who are serving as primary caregivers for the children in our lives. Across the United States, over 2.7 million grandparents are raising grandchildren. For many reasons, grandparents everywhere are stepping up to the plate to meet the needs of the next … Read More

Wiggle Worms and Other Touchy Things

Have you ever wondered why your child will only wear certain fabrics?  Perhaps your child is a picky eater?  Does your child cover her ears at certain sounds?  These may be symptoms of your child’s sensory system having difficulty processing what, to other children, is a normal sensation.  In the classroom sometimes there are children that are wiggling in their … Read More

Sensory Challenges: Too much or too little?

Does it seem like your child overreacts to everyday noises? Do you fight to get your child to put on socks or shoes? When your child interacts with other children do they invade their space or tap them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is possible your child experiences sensory challenges. Sensory challenges can be in … Read More

5 Ways to Help Children with Sensory Challenges

We’ve all experienced sensory overload at some point or another. It’s just that we don’t stop to think about it or give it a name. We just say the TV is too loud or the restaurant is too crowd. We don’t realize there is too much information coming in through our senses. Also, it’s usually easy for us to escape … Read More

Lion or Lamb? It’s Time to Spring into Health

Have you ever heard that phrase “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?   This is reference to the blustery cold days of winter leading to the beauty and gentleness of spring.  At the beginning of the year, in the dead of winter, many people make New Year’s resolutions.  A common one is to “get healthy”, … Read More

March into a New Challenge

As we enter into the third month of 2019, how are you doing with your resolutions? Have you been able to maintain progress towards your goal aka resolution? Maybe it needs some alteration, maybe you have already achieved your goal. Now is a time to evaluate your progress and whether you still want to complete your resolution. In order to … Read More