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We know that you have the most important job in the world, raising healthy children. Here are ten of our top tips for staying happy as you are parenting your children.

Tip 1) Keep a sense of humor. Not everything our children do has to be addressed assertively.

Tip 2)  Pick your battles, some behaviors need to be addressed right away whereas smaller infractions might not. Ask yourself, “Is this worth fighting over?”

Tip 3) Know your boundaries. Be sure to be clear on what is acceptable versus unacceptable behavior.  Stick to what you need and let your children in on what is most important.

Tip 4) Make time for yourself.  Having even 5 minutes to yourself can be an important way to manage stress and stop yourself from overreacting to your child’s behavior.

Tip 5) Get support from other parents and the community.  Connect with other parents in your neighborhood or at school. They are going through similar challenges as you and can help give a new perspective.

Tip 6) Turn off the electronics. Talk to your children or better yet get out a board game and play it together.  It is important to limit screen time so that you and your children can connect in positive healthy ways.

Tip 7) Spend time with your child and get to know them.  Set aside a “Mom (or Dad) and Me Day” where you go out with your child for a few hours and do something special with that child.  If you have more than one child be sure to set up a schedule so that each child can feel special.

Tip 8) Spontaneous play with your child. Have some non-structured time just to relax and play. Stop and listen to your child. Ask them a knock knock joke.

Tip 9) Involve them in the household by having them help you pick up their toys or clear the dishes off the table.

Tip 10) Allow your child to make mistakes. They do not have to be perfect and either do you.